We are dying earlier thanks in part to health cuts – insurers happy

“A slowdown in the growth in life expectancy for the UK population has increased profits at insurance and pensions firm Legal & General, which said people were dying sooner than it had expected.

The century-long improvements in UK life expectancy have stalled in recent years, with experts blaming a range of factors such as rising obesity, dementia, stress, a lack of exercise, alcohol intake, as well as government cuts to health and social spending.

L&G’s chief executive, Nigel Wilson, said: “People have been dying much quicker than anyone had expected which as a consequence … gives us extra cash.”


3 thoughts on “We are dying earlier thanks in part to health cuts – insurers happy

  1. And the great thing is that L&G can expect to be able to announce even greater windfall profits in the future as the health service continues to deteriorate.

    Well – its a great thing for L&G, but not nearly such a great thing for us.


    • Is it conspiracy theory or is it just possible that having the population die earlier than expected going to ‘solve’ the pensions problem as well as the NHS problem? If it were true then it would be funnelling profits into private industry at the same time as cutting government costs. A win-win situation?


    • I never used to be one for conspiracy theories – and I was a Tory voter for decades!!

      But the Tories having a secret NHS privatisation agenda is now well documented by several independent academic books, and once you accept that there is one well-documented conspiracy then it is much easier to believe that there are other secret agendas in play. Then once you start to think like that, you start to see that there is obvious evidence of other secret agendas (like privatising the education system) – and then you start to wonder just what else is being kept hidden. And you start to spot the huge gaps between what they say they are going to do (which always sounds great for normal people) and what they actually do (which is generally bad for normal people – unless they are trying to garner votes), and trust goes out the window.

      That said, whilst I do believe that social engineering is part of their agenda, I see them being focused on staying in power, repaying their sponsors investments by e.g. cutting taxation and making their own personal gains rather that a more altruistic avoiding of a future pensions crisis. It is a fact that since the Tories (under Maggie) took power in 1979, the percentage of GDP that goes into the pockets of the top 1% of UK has TREBLED. Yes – their income has gone up by a factor of 3. And of course if they get a greater % of GDP, the rest of us share a reduced percentage of GDP (down by c. 11%).

      But then again, the NHS cuts and changes are IMO likely to increase avoidable deaths from the c. 8000+ per year that Jeremy “Thick” Hunt has already admitted, to perhaps 100,000 avoidable deaths per year when “hospital at home” proves to be less effective and safe than “hospital at hospital”. Causing death by severe cuts to health and social care is obviously perfectly acceptable to the Tories (and don’t forget that both East Devon Tory MPs voted FOR those – so don’t believe their fake hand wringing about how terrible it is). Similarly their lack of any consideration of the harm and hurt and pain and difficulties they are heaping on the poor and vulnerable clearly demonstrates that they just don’t care about people as people. So whilst I don’t believe that the Tories are actually cutting health to save pension costs, I do believe that they are capable of making that decision if they decided it was necessary (for whatever misguided reason).

      Whilst I can’t agree with every one of Corbyn and co’s policy ideas, at least Labour care about people, and want a fairer and more democratic country.

      Tories – sponsored by the ultra-rich, run by the rich for the benefit of the rich.
      Labour – “For the many not the few”


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