Perhaps Neil Parish should be spending less time on widening the A303 and more time on making the A35 safer

Many of us know the disaster that is the Hunter’s Lodge interchange near Axminster and its catalogue of accidents and deaths.

Now there have been three serious accidents on the same road, all near Kilmington.

Swire might also start thinking about his side of the A3052, which has seen two accidents (one fatal) at Four Elms in recent days:

Of course, there is no money for road repairs or improvements in East Devon – all money in our area is being poured into roads to Hinkley C, widening the A303 and nationally into shaving off 20 minutes on journeys between London and Birmingham.

Priorities, dear boy, priorities.

Devon County Council councillor responsible for Highways – former Monster Raving Loony Party representative Stuart Hughes:

102 Temple Street
EX10 9BJ
01395 578414

The money is there – just not here!

2 thoughts on “Perhaps Neil Parish should be spending less time on widening the A303 and more time on making the A35 safer

  1. Hugo Swire made a huge point about how he would have more influence than an Independent, but the reality is that neither Tory MPs nor Independent MPs have very much influence over these things, so in the end it comes down to who makes the most public fuss about them.

    Neil Pariah and Hugo Swine are not “Free to Speak, Free to Act” because they have to toe the party line – and in Hugo Swine’s case, since he has desperate ambitions to be a Minister again, will never vote against the whip or say anything at all heretic, assuming of course that he actually takes an interest in East Devon which based on his track record is highly unlikely (unless possibly there is a decent photo-opportunity or an election in the offing).

    So don’t expect any more money for Devon’s roads in the near future – unless of course there is another general election and people of East Devon show some common sense and vote in Claire Wright.


  2. Of course if there was an election in the offing, then we would be getting all sorts of promises as to the improvements we could see to our roads and NHS – only promises of course! Empty promises as always.


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