“Constructive ambiguity” – a new Tory tactic

David Davis on the Today programme this morning on Brexit. He says Brexit negotiations are going incredibly well. Or, as he puts it:

“You’ll find it difficult sometimes to read what we intend, that’s deliberate, I’m afraid in negotiations you do have constructive ambiguity from time to time.”

So, that’s what our MPs have been doing with their silences on the NHS, education and the environment!

One thought on ““Constructive ambiguity” – a new Tory tactic

  1. No doubt the excellent and distinguished gentleman can immediately help us to understand when ambiguity is destructive, and how to recognize and guard against such an unintended consequence? The problem with supposedly clever spinners is that they only concentrate on the bit that is good for their perspective. That may be a negotiating tactic, but one comes away with the feeling that the gentleman is addressing the electorate to try and say, “Look how clever I am. Best leave things you don’t understand to clever people who know better. I don’t need to be supervised because you wouldn’t understand what I am doing in the first place.” Of course that might ignore the fact that without total transparency there is no democracy. For otherwise how can the electorate judge performance when the next election comes?


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