“UK needs 71,000 more care home places in eight years, study predicts”

And no community hospitals for any of them who may get ill enough for hospital care before or after entering these homes (should they ever exist) in the eastern part of East Devon, where Seaton and Honiton hospitals close their community beds by the end of August.

Still, Sidmouth millionaire pensioners will be fine in their luxury “assisted care” home at the Knowle when the council moves to its posh new offices in Honiton.

“An extra 71,000 care home spaces are needed in the next eight years to cope with Britain’s soaring demand as people living longer face more health problems, a study has found.

New research predicts there will be an additional 353,000 older people with complex needs by 2025, requiring tens of thousands more beds.

The findings from a team of academics at Newcastle University, published in the Lancet medical journal, revealed that many people over the age of 65 are now living longer but with substantial care needs.

The number of people needing round-the-clock help to feed and dress themselves is predicted to rise by 163,000. For adults over 65 the number of years spent with substantial care needs has doubled between 1991 and 2011. …”