How to fritter away our money or close our hospitals – just because you can

Guardian letters – also has echoes of the DCC “scrutiny” meeting sabotaged by Sarah Randall Johnson and her Tory posse which beat down referral of Seaton and Honiton hospital bed closure to the Secretary of State with their sleight of hand, resulting in the total loss of all their beds in the next two weeks.

“The proposed garden bridge across the Thames was bound to fail as soon as Zac Goldsmith lost to Sadiq Khan, given that the project never had the support of a majority of the 25-member London assembly (Recriminations fly after garden bridge cancelled, 15 August).

The parties opposed to the scheme, with 16 members of the assembly between them, were one seat short of the two-thirds super majority required to stop Boris Johnson and George Osborne frittering the best part of £52m, which had the support of only nine Conservative members.

Ultimately, the origins of this fiasco lies with the Blairite fixation with experimenting with directly elected local potentates, rather than properly constituted English regional assemblies and the single transferable vote for local elections.

David Nowell
New Barnet, Hertfordshire

One thought on “How to fritter away our money or close our hospitals – just because you can

  1. Sara Randall-Johnson’s chairmanship of the Health Scrutiny Committee was not “sleight of hand” and to call it so makes it sound like a great party trick. Well it was a “party trick” – a Conservative Party trick to trick the people of Devon out of a democratic debate about hospital closures and a democratic call to the SoS for Health to be accountable for his actions in destroying the NHS.

    IMO it was really blatant hijacking of the democratic process – a tactic that the Conservatives are becoming fonder and fonder of using in order to bulldoze through their policies without debate or accountability.


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