“Managers on more than £400,000 a year at failing NHS authorities”

“Temporary NHS managers brought in by failing health services are being paid record rates of up to £400,000 a year.

Ministers have repeatedly ordered clampdowns on “excessive and indefensible” management pay and promised extra scrutiny of deals which pay more than the £142,500 salary of the Prime Minister.

But a Telegraph investigation of 32 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) failing so badly that they have been taken over by NHS England shows that in fact rates have reached a record high.

Nurse leaders last night said executive pay was “spiralling out of control” amid warnings that “sky-high” remuneration packages were not being matched by improvements to frontline services. Health services insisted they were forced to pay “premium” rates to attract good managers quickly.

The figures, from NHS annual reports for 2016/17, disclose 21 managers at the struggling organisations on rates equal to at least £200,000 a year – including five on more than £300,000.

… “At North, East and West Devon Martin Shield cost over £90,000 for three months – an annual rate of £375,000 – as “turnaround director.” …


One thought on ““Managers on more than £400,000 a year at failing NHS authorities”

  1. If the Conservative’s hadn’t turned the NHS into such a shit place to work, they wouldn’t have nearly as many managers leaving, and would have no troubles recruiting new managers when they did need to.

    I am not clear what the NHS Services quoted mean by “good managers”, but my guess is that they mean managers with tough attitudes who are sufficiently hard-hearted and uncaring about the medical consequences that they can drive through swingeing cuts.

    This is such a self-fulfilling cycle: divert £10bn-£30bn per year into administration of the privatisation, this causing a funding crisis for patient services, resulting in swingeing cuts, which in turn causes excessive workloads and stress for staff making the NHS front-lines a horrendous place to work, thus creating major friction between managers and medical staff, causing management to leave with a requirement to find temporary replacements urgently, who cost enormous sums of money, thus pushing up the cost of administration still further, making the funding crisis even worse, increasing the stress levels of staff even more…

    If we simply stopped privatisation and brought all NHS services back into the public domain, we could reinvest the £10bn – £30bn per year in front-line services and restore the NHS itself to good health.

    P.S. If you voted Conservative in the last 3 elections, this is (in a tiny part) YOUR FAULT. Learn your lesson and vote differently next time.


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