2 thoughts on “Swire insults Claire Wright because she cares

  1. Wise owl, you’ve said it all.
    Swire is what he is, a failure as a respectful member of this or any rational society!


  2. I would have gone to read Hugo’s tweet myself if he hadn’t blocked me for being “vile and libellous” (the irony of course being that by accusing the Owl and commenters like me of libel is in itself libellous).

    There is of course one key difference between Hugo and Claire.

    In due course, Claire is quite likely to become a Parliamentarian. Winning an election is all it takes.

    But Hugo can never become a compassionate, caring, diligent, moral, ethical, human, crusading, campaigning, supportive politician representing his constituents interests – because it is just not in his nature and never will be.

    You simply cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Swine by name, swine by nature.


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