Woodbury Common money spinner for Clinton Devon Estates? Rent a hut?

The various protections on Woodbury Common must be a real headache for Clinton Devon Estates which controls the land via the Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust

Fear not, they have a plan!

Rent-Iron-Age-hut anyone – just an idea …


“… The nationally important archaeological site and prominent landmark was previously put on Historic England’s at risk register when it became apparent that the area was suffering, predominantly from erosion due to a high volume of visitors but also due to damage from tree roots and scrub growth.

But last year the Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust secured funding from Natural England’s Countryside Stewardship scheme to undertake extensive restoration work that will directly contribute to conserving and protecting the site, resulting in its eventual removal from the at Risk Register.

The funding will enable better interpretation at the monument, creating a sense of welcome for visitors so they become aware of its archaeological significance upon arrival, while promoting an understanding and appreciation of its national and historical importance.

… Volunteers are being sought to assist with some of the work, and the Trust plans to establish a volunteer archaeological monitoring scheme to give local people with an interest in archaeology or natural history the opportunity to be involved in ongoing preservation work. The Trust is also planning on hosting guided walks for people to learn more about the site.”



Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust is an environmental charity and forms part of conservation group that includes a Land Management Company. It is funded by Clinton Devon Estates with financial support from DEFRA.

Additional support comes from charitable donations. The Trust’s outdoor countryside learning education work is supported by the Ernest Cook Trust and the Otter Valley Association.

Clinton Devon Estates owns 80% of what remains of the Pebblebed Heaths, the core area of which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area. The Commons owned by Clinton Devon Estates include Aylsebeare, Harpford, Hawkerland, Colaton Raleigh, Woodbury, Bicton, East Budleigh, Dalditch and Mutter’s Moor (the latter is not a Common), with all but Aylsebeare and Harpford managed by the Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust.