Minority government fixes majority committee posts – learned from DCC and EDDC perhaps!

Note that the DUP – which is keeping this government in power – isn’t getting representation either!

Though, of corse, it would just take some honourable Tories to unstick this – lol!

Oh, for another party to win the next election outright and shove this back at them!

Democracy? Yes, Owl remembers that …

“Theresa May has been accused of ‘tearing up’ her disastrous election result and rigging Parliament for the Tories.

In an “unprecedented power grab”, the government is trying to give itself the power to dominate the committees which scrutinise laws – despite having failed to secure a majority in the election.

It means it will be harder for opposition MPs to block legislation and laws which adversely affect people’s lives will get steam-rolled through Parliament.

A motion tabled yesterday by Tory Commons leader Andrea Leadsom today seeks to overturn the rule that the Government of the day has a majority on committees only if they have the majority of MPs. …

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: “An unprecedented attempt to rig parliament and grab power by a Conservative government with no majority and no mandate.”

Rules introduced in 1995 state that the Government only gets a majority on standing committees if they have a majority in the House of Commons.

Theresa May failed to secure a majority in June’s election, finding herself eight seats short of controlling the house outright.

She was forced to cut a billion pound deal with the hardline Democratic Unionist Party in return for them lending her their support in key votes.

MPs will vote on the rule change on Tuesday.

Downing Street insisted the Government wanted a balanced situation in Parliament.