Tory donor peer says May is stupid , should stop criticising excessive pay and her job should go to someone from a council estate

“Theresa May is a “hopeless” leader of a “weak” government and Britain would be better off with an administration like Tony Blair’s in the early years, a major Tory donor has said.

Lord Harris of Peckham said the Prime Minister is “no Thatcher” and criticised her “shell-shocked” general election performance, in which the Tories disastrously lost their House of Commons majority from a position of apparent strength.

In a scathing interview, Lord Harris suggested Mrs May’s record as home secretary was not “that great”, described her attacks on aspects of capitalism and big business as “stupid”, and warned she was making a “mistake” by criticising excessive pay.

The peer instead backed Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson for the top job.

“She’s very practical, very solid and won’t give in,” he said.

“She’s clever as well as growing up on a council estate. I think she’s top class.

“They should get her in as an MP… see how she gets on working her way up and I think in three or four years’ time she’d make a great prime minister.” …”