So, this is what you get when you destroy the NHS


Shocking news is just emerging from the Midlands. Nottinghamshire is one of the first 8 ‘Accountable Care Systems’ (ACS) which the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) are morphing into.

We’ve just discovered that US Centene Corporation via Capita, has landed a contract with this ACS for upwards of £2.7m of our public money, to come and impose the discredited public/private healthcare system on the area. This involves a health management company running an area’s entire health service and hospital buildings, paid for with a mix of private and public money, with the Nottinghamshire ACS completely ignoring the fact that Ribera Salud system, which Centene half owns and is setting up here, is being investigated by police in Valencia for corruption,

Centene Corporation runs the publicly funded Medicaid programmes in 20 states and an Insurance business for low income people who have lost their Medicaid status. Remember Insurance companies are there for shareholders not for patients and do everything they can to avoid paying out. Is that what we want here?

If this is happening in Nottinghamshire, what is happening in the other 7 ACSs? Healthcare does not fit with the market.

We do not want to increase health inequalities.

The US has the worst healthcare in the developed world, exporting that here via Valencia is unacceptable!

The UK is the 6th richest counry in the world and CAN afford a proper health service.

Please help us STOP the STPs, by signing and sharing the petition.

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