An invitation to our two well-fed MPs

From a correspondent”

“Could you, through your esteemed publication, inform your readers of a play that will be performed in the committee rooms of the HofP based upon the experience of Food Bank users.

All MPs have been invited and I would suggest to those readers represented by Huge Swin[r]e that he may like a ‘reminder’ to attend, where he may be interested to hear the stories of those making a ‘lifestyle choice’ to use them.

(Who shall be urging their own MP Neil Parrish, to do the same)”

One thought on “An invitation to our two well-fed MPs

  1. I would bet that neither MP will attend, though I would love to be proved wrong.

    If Huge Swine attends, will he be making crass comments again about people who use food banks being able to afford £50,000 jars of honey? It seems unlikely that he will show sympathy as I have yet to see an ounce of empathy or compassion in him.


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