Minister criticises her own government on charity gagging

“A minister today took a swipe at her own Government for refusing to relax rules restricting the campaigning charities can do the year before elections.

The Government last week revealed it will not amend the controversial Lobbying Act – despite a government commissioned review calling for major changes.

And in a move suggesting division in the heart of government over the decision, civil society minister Tracey Crouch retweeted an article criticising the decision.

The article warned the decision will fuel concerns that Theresa May’s administration is a ‘weak minority Government that largely only has eyes for Brexit’.

And it questioned what influence Ms Crouch ‘genuinely has within Government’ if she has not been able to convince her fellow ministers of the need for change.

‘A divided government bogged down by Brexit doesn’t have the time or the inclination to push through sensible changes to poorly-drafted legislation.
‘Tracey Crouch deserves credit for speaking out but the truth is the country is suffering as a result’. …”