“Half of all secondary schools started the school year ‘over capacity or FULL’ “

Overall, one in four schools are over capacity in Year 7 – the first year of secondary school. A further 27 per cent of secondary schools are fully subscribed in Year 7 – meaning there isn’t enough teaching space available.

The figures – revealed in Freedom of Information responses from 100 English councils – show a 9 per cent increase in overstretched admissions.

By 2022/23 more than 125,000 children face missing out on a secondary school place altogether, according to warnings from the Local Government Association.

In Rutland 86 per cent of schools started the term over capacity.

In Slough and Solihull the figure was 80 per cent while Redcar, Bury, Redcar and Cleveland was 60 per cent over-subscribed.” …