Bristol: all “non-essential” work stops due to austerity cuts

“Bristol City Council has placed a spending freeze on “non-essential spending” in order to account for the impact of Conservative cuts to local government services.

According to a release from the council, the freeze means:

All maintenance of buildings, roads and parks will stop unless there is a risk to people’s health or safety. The council will also stop recruiting any permanent or temporary roles unless they provide legally-required services, and will not agree any new or extended contracts for goods or services without approval from the Chief Executive and statutory financial and legal officers.
More may be added to the list in coming weeks.


It was predicted earlier this year that Bristol City Council faces a budget deficit of £60m for the 2019/20 financial year. The council has been making several millions of pounds of savings throughout 2016.

The spending freeze is a final attempt to balance its annual budget. According to a report to be delivered to the council’s Cabinet on 6 December, its efforts have reduced the gap from £35.4m at the beginning of the financial year to £27.5m by the end of September. The newly announced spending freeze is predicted to reduce it further to £16m, if accepted. …”

One thought on “Bristol: all “non-essential” work stops due to austerity cuts

  1. Today Bristol, tomorrow Devon.

    Also note what it says about ministerial constituencies having cuts of only 1% whilst the rest of the country have savage cuts. Blatant election bribery to protect their own positions.

    And let’s not forget how Conservative Kensington & Chelsea were able to give a c. 20% rebate to their council tax payers on what is already an incredibly low council tax bill (c. 1/3 Devon’s).

    Judge for yourself whether Britain is still a country of “fair play”? And if not whether Britain still has the characteristics of Britishness?


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