“Free market” facts

“… May’s “greatest agent” – free-market economics – has established a system where:

eight people own as much wealth as half the planet

Such grotesque levels of inequality run through the UK, where

50% of the country owns just 8.7% of the wealth

While living standards continue to fall for most,

Britain’s richest 1,000 families are well on their way to tripling their wealth since the financial crisis. Since 2009, these families have increased their fortune by over 155%


One thought on ““Free market” facts

  1. Since 1979 (when Thatcher came to power) the top 1% of “earners” in the UK have gone from receiving 5% of GDP to receiving 15%.

    So capital has grown by 155% since 2009, and income has grown by 200% (even taking into account inflation) since 1979.



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