Cap on care home fees scrapped

Something that wasn’t announced at their conference. But with a membership with an average age of 72, hardly surprising.

All those rich pensioners in PegasusLife flats will have to keep chipping in to their savings!

“The Tories’ pledge to introduce a cap on social care costs by 2020 has been officially abandoned.

David Cameron promised to bring in an upper limit of about £75,000 on the amount people must pay towards their own care.
But a senior Government source has said the cap will not be introduced until well into the next decade at the earliest.”

One thought on “Cap on care home fees scrapped

  1. When is a pledge not a pledge? When its a Conservative pledge.

    Particularly if it is a pledge to help anyone who is not ultra-rich. (You can bet anything you like that a pledge to lower the tax bill for the ultra-rich will never be abandoned – because they would lose their party sponsorship.)

    Conservative Party – For the Few not the Many


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