Everything has consequences – particularly austerity cuts

A comment on dementia tax from a Guardian comments

“There’s a huge unreported scandal in how many of the Tory cuts actually end up costing more than they save.

Social care cuts keep people in expensive and overloaded hospital beds longer, and lead to desperate attempts to scrape in money to pay for the damage like this.

Yesterday it was revealed that cuts to childcare and other cuts affecting the poorest families resulted in a large increase in the number of children taken into care: not only is this a disaster for those children and families, taking more children into care will cost much more than those cuts could ever save (and it was proven back in 2011 I think that cut schemes like SureStart pay for themselves).

The awful disability assessments system, which constantly makes target-driven mistakes and leaves people destitute, was shown long ago to cost more than it saves in payments. Somehow, this wasn’t a huge scandal.

And we see the same story across the board – council cuts lead to potholes, more accidents (some fatal), and compensation payments that cost more than was saved by not filling the potholes. Education cuts force small school maintenance tasks to be skipped resulting in expensive repairs further down the line. And so on.

And then just look at the Grenfell fire.

Result? We have a country suffering horribly from austerity – and just look at the national debt figures. It’s gone up under the Conservatives in about 7 years by about 50% more than it did under nearly twice as many years under Labour. Because poorly planned cuts cost, they don’t save.

The conservatives’ main policy, main reason for existing, has failed and backfired colossally. Why is no-one reporting on it? Why isn’t there a scandal and rebellion by conservatives furious that their own half baked short term policies are causing harm and pushing up the debt by increasing spending on other parts of the balance sheet?”