Another reason to have a breakaway eastern East Devon?

Very, very few people in the eastern part of East Devon will benefit from this, yet it is in the EDDC area.

“The Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed funding for two major projects in Devon …

[One is £9 m at Sherford new town near Plymouth]

… east of Exeter, the continuing growth and development will receive a £4 million boost, which with £3 million developer contributions will deliver improvements to Moor Lane junction to provide more capacity for traffic using the A30 and from Sowton Industrial estate; extension of the higher quality cycle routes into the city; an additional multi-use car park at the Science Park; plus extension of the electric bike scheme.

The news has been welcomed by Devon County Council, which put in the bids for the DfT funding.

Councillor Andrea Davis, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Development and Waste, said:

“This is great news for Devon. Great for Devon residents, and great for Devon businesses. The £9 million will bring with it improvements in Exeter, and much needed access, and High Street, to the new town of Sherford. Both schemes will be a boost for new housing, jobs and connectivity in Devon.”

One thought on “Another reason to have a breakaway eastern East Devon?

  1. I have long argued that District Councils are poor at representing local views because they are too big and are subject to in-fighting between their constituent areas. County-wide matters are best dealt with by the County Council; more local matters by Urban or Rural District Councils of the size we used to have. The reason they were got rid of in the past was on economy of scale criteria – and we’ve seen where that led with the £10M-and-growing bill for EDDC’s unnecessary move. And now the existing district councils are attempting to join together into even bigger councils, making themselves even less useful and less necessary.


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