“Counties face £2.54bn black hole”; government says it will “listen” (duh!)

“The funding black hole for county authorities will treble to £2.54bn in just four years’ time, according to the County Councils Network (CCN).

In an analysis prepared for the network’s autumn budget submission, it found that each county on average will face an additional average funding gap of £70m by 2021, on top of planned service reductions.

Social care accounts for £26m of this per authority, and £22m in implementing the new national living wage. Paul Carter, CCN chairman, said: “We are reaching a point where we are have to consider difficult, painful and unpopular decisions next year to deliver balanced budgets, which will reduce and remove frontline services highly valued by our residents. The government has said it is in listening mode, and I and my fellow county leaders, will be asking ministers across government that we need additional help and support in this budget or we will all face some very severe consequences in the future. The situation can’t go on.”


One thought on ““Counties face £2.54bn black hole”; government says it will “listen” (duh!)

  1. Since when did this government actually listen?

    Being in “listening mode” doesn’t mean that they are actually listening, and even if they are listening that doesn’t mean that they will act, and even if they do act in many cases the money is taken from Peter to pay Paul, and even if it is “new” money their modus operandi is to claim to have given money when in reality it is simply a marginally less draconian cut.

    And even if they are listening, if Paul Diviani and / or Sarah Randall-Johnson and their cronies have anything to do with it, they will vote to avoid kicking up a fuss about our social care with the government just as they avoided kicking up a fuss about our hospitals.

    Bottom line: Conservatives cannot be trusted.


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