“Get paid £1,000 a month to care for NHS patients in your spare room in drastic bid to tackle bed-blocking crisis”

No, it isn’t a sick joke – it’s in all mainstream newspapers:


“…The financial model is still to be finalised. Thirkettle said rooms would be rented out to funders at about £100 a night, with half going to the host. The rest would be used to pay for the care services required and a margin kept by the company as profit. He said the assumption was that it would be jointly funded by the NHS and councils. “We may also look to take self-funding patients who pay us directly.” For patients who are prepared to pay the option would be presented by a hospital’s discharge team alongside existing options such as nursing homes, he said.


Daily Mirror:

“… Campaigners and clinicians argue that lodging frail and vulnerable patients with members of the public in return for cash is ripe for abuse. …”



“… In return for fees of up to £1,000 a month, hosts are asked to ‘welcome the patient, cook three microwave meals a day, and offer conversation,’ the Health Service Journal (HSJ) has discovered. …”


4 thoughts on ““Get paid £1,000 a month to care for NHS patients in your spare room in drastic bid to tackle bed-blocking crisis”

  1. I don’t see why this is obscene in the right circumstances.

    For a patient who doesn’t really need to be in hospital, and who would otherwise be left lonely and vulnerable in their own home and who would really like to be lodging with someone and have some company; and

    For a householder who genuinely would welcome a patient who might give them company and for whom they genuinely want to provide some help

    then this seems like a great idea. BUT only in the right circumstances which are likely to be a minority of cases.

    What is obscene is the idea that:

    a. This may be done regardless of the desires of the patient;
    b. This may be done regardless of the medical needs of the patient;
    c. This is likely to be unregulated and therefore ripe for abuse;
    d. It is being done purely so that a private care company can make even greater profits.


    • I agree if your criteria were adhered to, which I doubt on most occasions they would be.


  2. Isn’t that why we needed the community hospitals?
    Clearly patients will be greatly at risk?Again the Government abdicating from all responsibility. The whole idea is obscene.
    This Government is destroying every element of our society.


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