Is Swire after Pritti Patel’s job? Or any ministerial post with foreign travel?

Owl realised after reporting about Swire’s stinging criticism of Pritti Patel that it had missed the most blindingly obvious reason for his jibes about her. He desperately wants another crack at the Foreign Office!

Why? Well, here are a few possible reasons:

1. He supports Bojo, thinks they would make a great pair – and he might even think he could do his job if Bojo screws up much more.

2. He’s been terribly unhappy as a lowly constituency MP since he lost his foreign office bagman job and it would give him a terrific boost.

3. Many questions he asks in Parliament are about other countries, fewer about this country, hardly any about East Devon – so he would be in his comfort zone. Plus he could use his old excuse of not being able to speak about East Devon in Parliament because it would conflict with his bigger, better job.

4. He enjoys his £2000 per month job as Chairman of the Conservative Middle East Council – but not half as much as he would enjoy being at the FO.

5. He could visit his constituency even less often, using the excuse of having to jet-set.

6. He could spend more time in London doing things like supporting the Royal Marsden hospital.

7. He wouldn’t have to see or hear so much about Claire Wright.

8. He could keep out of the way of the East Devon Alliance.

9. He could keep out of the way of local protesters about austerity cuts (NHS, education, environment)

10. He would be far too busy to worry about over-development of expensive properties and under-provision of social housing in East Devon – and unable to comment on it anyway – see 3 above.

Is it on the cards? Well, anything is on the cards these days … though May having sacked him, she would likely have to be ousted first.