Swire says MPs should be transparent about lobbying – where to start!

Do you see what he is doing here?

Deflecting people away from the Paradise Papers. And Ms Patel wanting to offer international aid to Israeli soldiers. And Boris Johnson opening his big rather stupid mouth and endangering a Brit’s wife imprisoned in Iran. And sex scandals galore in the Houses of Parliament

Like Trump going on about “crooked Hillary” when his Russian links or tax documents are mentioned Swire looks for a diversion where a Tory government will NEVER change its policy of not just welcoming lobbying but actively encouraging it.

Remember (way back) when Swire was Foreign Office flunky and Cameron arranged for big businesses to be palled up with MPs?


On lobbying, can we perhaps now look forward to Mr Swire and all MPs publishing their diaries and list all schmoozing appointments (and who they sat with!) for the last 5 years to see which lobbyists they have met?


Can we force all MPs to sign declarations that they have no offshore funds? (Nothing at all to do with lobbying but Owl refuses to be deflected!).

Owl thinks he doth protest too much!

“Conservative MP for East Devon, Hugo Swire, says MPs should “open their books” and be “entirely transparent” about lobbying.

The former foreign minister told the House of Commons that the spotlight was on Parliament and it was finally time to “address the issue of access, privileged access and lobbying and funding if we are not to have this repeated time and time again”.

Mr Swire was speaking following an urgent question on private meetings held with International Development Secretary Priti Patel, whilst she was on holiday in Israel.”

2 thoughts on “Swire says MPs should be transparent about lobbying – where to start!

  1. 1. Pity Huge Swine isn’t as enthusiastic about the multitude of local issues (like the NHS, tourism, education) as he is about lobbying.

    2. I do hope that he takes the initiative and declares all the lobbying he gets as part of his role as Chairman of the Conservative Middle East Committee.

    3. I am assuming that this fervour for disclosure (of lobbying) is indicative of his passion for transparency and avoiding conflicts of (vested) interests, and that he demonstrates his loathing of all things hypocritical by doing as Owl suggests and declares that he is not a holder or beneficiary of any Offshore Trusts. (Of course, if he doesn’t have any interest in any Offshore Trust, he will have no reason not to declare that – so in the absence of any such declaration we will have to assume that he does. Ditto for any other MP who is unwilling to make such a declaration.)


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