What the Tory council did next after Grenfell Tower tragedy

“The council responsible for Grenfell Tower has been accused of wasting huge sums of money after it emerged it was trying to recruit more than two dozen communications staff to spread the message about its work in the aftermath of the fire.

Kensington and Chelsea council is advertising for as many 28 “communications and engagement professionals” on one-year contracts. With salaries ranging from £26,500 to £49,500, the move could cost as much as £1m….”


One thought on “What the Tory council did next after Grenfell Tower tragedy

  1. Tories do what Tories do … they spend huge amounts of money in a futile attempt to appease public anger for issues which they themselves are responsible …
    They don’t get it !
    They are morons!
    Don’t vote for them.
    Conservatives are brain dead morons!


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