“Tory flagship childcare policy a flop as just 30,000 parents out of promised 415,000 helped”

“Tory plans for tax-free childcare are in disarray, with an uptake of less than eight per cent.

The flagship policy launched in 2013 was meant to help 415,000 parents by last month but only 30,000 signed up.

That means this year the Government has only spent £37million and saved £800million.

Budget documents out last week show next year’s spending forecast is being revised down by 90 per cent.

The low response is being blamed on ministers failing to give additional funding for nurseries and childminders. More than 500 wrote to Chancellor Philip Hammond before the Budget asking for more money – but in vain. …”


One thought on ““Tory flagship childcare policy a flop as just 30,000 parents out of promised 415,000 helped”

  1. A Government spokesperson has just commented on this as follows:

    “This policy has fully met its goals despite only spending £37m of the £800m allocated.

    In fact it has met it’s goals for two reasons:

    1. Firstly it has met its goals BECAUSE it only spent £37m of the £800m allocated. This has allowed us to gain the full benefit of the positive publicity of this policy, promising to help almost 415,000 families (or, as we call them, 830,000 potential Conservative voters) whilst saving a further £763m over and above our already ambitious austerity target.

    This is absolutely fantastic value for money for the public. We have reached these potential voters at a cost of only £44.58 per person. I might add as an aside that it is even better value for the Conservative Party – because we gained all the benefit using public funds rather than Party funds. Hurrah!!!

    2. Secondly the other reason that we only needed to spend £37m was because a lot more parents have decided to look after their own children, having unexpectedly found that they have more time on their hands to do this because of the excellent way that the Conservative Government has been managing our economy down the plughole.

    We all know that our Brexit Referendum promise – well two promises really, as the Conservative Party promised it as part of both Remain and Leave campaigns – to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union was a good idea in theory. But now we have won the Brexit Referendum (isn’t it great when you are running both sides of a vote – you are guaranteed to win!!!) we can of course ignore this and use an aggressive negotiating approach to persuade both our own side and the Europeans that really we don’t want to stay inside either the Single Market and Customs Union and would be much better off without a deal.

    Yes, there are some people who say this will be terrible for our economy like the CEOs of finance companies who have decided that they need to move to Frankfurt – something about needing a Passport to do finance business with the EU, but that can’t be right because they must already have a passport if they want to move to Frankfurt. D’oh. And anyway, anyone like that who deserts a sinking ship … oh, sorry, I mean brilliant country like the UK is a traitor. As for that Carney bloke from the Bank of England being negative – he’s a Canadian for goodness sake, and according to his name an ex fairground worker, so what does he know about economics?

    We have had people telling us “the end is nigh” for decades and it hasn’t happened yet despite everything previous governments have done – so how can there possibly be any reason to believe that anything we do could cause economic doom regardless of what all the so called “experts” say.

    Finally I would like to take the opportunity to launch our new campaign slogan “Make Britain great again” (with thanks to our brilliant sloganist D. Trump) and to wish everyone in Britain a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year (because it costs nothing to make wishes and you can’t be held accountable for them later – and because our policies have ensured that the most important people i.e. our Party investors will definitely have a prosperous New Year even if the rest of you don’t).

    Thank you.”


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