“Devon and Cornwall shunted onto the slow track?”

Owl says: But, of course, there WILL be a railway to Hinkley C!

Transport secretary Chris Grayling ready to break up railways

Transport secretary Chris Grayling is this week set to unveil a blueprint for overhauling the railways — including splitting two of the biggest routes.

It is part of a fightback against Labour’s popular policy of renationalisation.

His strategy is expected to advocate splitting the Great Western franchise, which runs from London to south Wales and the southwest.

The route could be split into an inter-city franchise and a separate Devon and Cornwall business.

The mammoth Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise is also likely to be split, with the strike-hit Southern route between London and the south coast set to be carved out.

Grayling is also keen to reform state-backed Network Rail, which owns and maintains the 20,000 miles of track, 40,000 bridges and most of the big stations. He has advocated closer union between Network Rail and the private companies that operate routes to crack the problems of divided loyalties and poor co-ordination.

The strategy comes ahead of a huge increase in some rail fares from January, with the rise tied to July’s 3.6% retail prices index inflation rate.”


One thought on ““Devon and Cornwall shunted onto the slow track?”

  1. “It is part of a fightback against Labour’s popular policy of renationalisation.”


    Just how exactly can doing more of the same stuff that the public hate be a fightback against a popular idea of renationalisation? Only the Tories could be delusional enough to think it is?


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