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Guardian letter:

“Why does nobody address crippling private rent (Nils Pratley, 21 November)? Why is it OK for my daughter and boyfriend to pay someone else’s mortgage by renting and having to share with several other people, only living in a room, sharing a bathroom and small kitchen and no communal area, not being able to afford to rent a place of their own or to get a mortgage, despite both working. If people can afford to pay rent they should be able to get an affordable mortgage. My daughter could never afford a property over £250,000, so a new allowance for properties up to £300,000 is an irrelevance.

My husband and I both work more than full time. I work two jobs and we only scrape by; we could not afford a mortgage now if we were first-time buyers. I am guessing that the young people who can afford £300,000 on a house are young professionals on a very high wage or are from a wealthy background where they have help? My daughter and her boyfriend both have degrees and have been saddled with debt. Sadly, we, like many parents, are not in a position to be able to help. The government needs to look at more social housing, charging people who own more than one property extra tax for each additional property, and ensure rents are capped.

Stephanie Lovatt

One thought on “Unable to rent or buy …

  1. I suspect that this is quite a typical story of middle-England. An entire demographic who used to be comfortable are now just-about-managing. Which fits with the other three demographics:

    1. Those who used to be just-about-managing, are now poor.

    2. Those who used to be poor are now destitute.

    3. Those who used to be rich are now three times richer than when Maggie Thatcher came to power (fact – top 1% of earners earned 5% of GDP in 1979 and now earn 15%).

    This is what Britain has already become. If this continues, in other 40 years only the richest 5% will own their own homes whilst the rest of us will rent for the whole of our lives, renting homes owned by the 5% who will effectively own almost everything in the UK.

    Forget the Conservative jibe during the 2017 election that Labour want to take us back to the 1970s. The Conservatives have already taken us back to 1940s health and social care, and 1880s education, and appear to want to take us back to feudalism where the richest 5% own 95% of the UK. (See Wikipedia for Marx’s definition of feudalism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feudalism#Karl_Marx and ask yourselves if that is where we are headed.)


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