A reader asks: what is the definition of “kerbside”?

A few weeks ago I had to phone EDDC up re. a missed collection of my kitchen waste and recycling. All the refuse had been placed in the normal place (where it has been collected for a number of years) and ALL of it was put there the night before collection.

My landfill bin was emptied but not my kitchen waste and the recycling containers, so I contacted the refuse department.

Firstly, I was questioned as to whether the containers had been put out on time and, secondly, where they had been placed (they are always placed just inside the gate and I need to keep this shut for various reasons). This, apparently, is not acceptable and I need to put them on the pavement if the gate is shut. Surely, this is a trip hazard?

I emailed them later on and said that I am not insured for leaving them on the pavement and I am sure they are not either. In fact, after the landfill bin had been emptied the gate was left open, so there was no excuse for the recycling not to have been collected. What is the definition of kerbside?”

Owl replies:

Did you ask if EDDC’s public liabilty insurance includes accidents “kerbside” when waste bins are involved?

Best to do that by email and get their response in writing!

One thought on “A reader asks: what is the definition of “kerbside”?

  1. I have seen them come onto property to collect all sorts of refuse in all sorts of containers, quite normal for their sharps collections as it makes very good sense not to have such items on the pavement. So to say they are not allowed on private property is a nonsense. Some, if not most, of the teams are excellent, but they have their fair share of bolshie crews.


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