Postcode lottery social care – the reality

A comment on the article posted directly below this one:

“Let’s get this absolutely clear….. : the Tories have cut £4.6bn from Adult Social Care since 2010.

The piece fails to mention that poorer local authorities don’t have the benefit of the so-called precept either – council tax income is considerably lower.

But the real issue beyond the cuts is that the marketisation of social care is a complete and utter failure.

There’s a massive recruitment crisis and services have been decimated – there’s over 4 million family carers quietly labouring away out of sight many with little support. Having money actually makes little difference in some areas…. there’s minimal respite or domiciliary care services available.

It’s going to get a lot worse when the Accountable Care Organisations are foisted on the NHS. The Dementia Tax was an open door to the insurance industry and the ACOs will open the NHS to more privatisation.

This needs shouting from the rooftops. It’s not an intergenerational issue – that’s a smokescreen – it’s inbuilt into an ideology that relies on shifting public money into private hands. Castrating local authorities is part of the deal.”
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