Top ten government salaries in privatised rail industry

“The 10 highest-paid public servants in the country have been revealed – and every single one works in Britain’s widely-privatised rail industry.

Network Rail chief executive Mark Carne earns the most at up to £750,000 per year – almost five times more than Theresa May’s £150,000.

The head of HS2 Ltd, Mark Thurston, is in second place, earning as much as £605,000 while he maps out a multi-billion pound high-speed line.

Not one of the top 10 is a woman.

Cabinet Office figures show a total of 442 officials at government departments and quangos earn at least the same as Mrs May – up 14% in just one year.

This includes 70 who work for Network Rail, which is an “arms-length” public body, and 51 staff at HS2 Ltd, which is a firm funded by a government grant. Train firms are not on the list as they are private companies. …”