2 thoughts on “OUR NHS

  1. Let’s not forget the eye-watering £10bn – £30bn PER YEAR (yes – that is NOT a typo) spent on running the CCGs etc. in pursuit of the Conservative Party privatisation dogma.

    Stop trying to privatise and get rid of the fat cat administrators, and there would be more than enough money to fund the NHS.


  2. Nobody ever mentions the swingeing amounts being charged by the newly formed NHS Property Services for ‘rent’ of NHS community hospitals and other buildings which we, the public, paid for.

    Reports also conveniently forget the HUGE amount of money being paid to PFI funded hospitals such as Tiverton. This must be a factor contributing to the loss of so many beds in East Devon and across Devon as a whole.

    The structure of the NHS in England is now the most complicated imaginable. This is only in England, not in Scotland, N Ireland or Wales…

    As previously stated by others, the parlous state of the English NHS is quite deliberate. Americanisation is imminent unless we fight for our NHS. Private health insurance anyone? No? Well, no insurance means no healthcare will be available…


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