Strong and stable?

“Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle got off to a chaotic start as the Tories bungled the announcement of their new party chairman.

Patrick McLoughlin has left the role he has held since July 2016, however, there was confusion over who would replace him after the Conservatives hastily deleted a tweet announcing Transport Secretary Chris Grayling would take the position.

Brandon Lewis, the Immigration Minister, has been officially announced as the new chairman.

Braintree MP James Cleverly has been appointed deputy chairman, No 10 also confirmed.

In a second error, the official No 10 tweet naming Lewis misspelled ‘portfolio’.

And at 1pm, May was due to appear on the steps of Downing Street with Lewis and Cleverly to celebrate their promotions, but for reasons unknown she missed the key photo opp. …”

One thought on “Strong and stable?

  1. More evidence (if any were needed) that organisational skills are definitely lacking:

    – Remember the letters falling off the backdrop at their annual conference?
    – Now they can’t even remember who has been promoted or demoted!

    Just as well the PM has not (yet) claimed to be a genius, unlike her hand-holding friend in the White House.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t trust this lot to run a whelk stall!


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