May’s diabetes glucose monitoring treatment not available to all on NHS

“… For two years, George has paid £96 a month for the patch, plus a one-off cost of £133 for the reader. But, like many, he can’t always afford it.
In theory, it is now available on the NHS. On November 1 last year, the FreeStyle Libre patch was added to the NHS drug tariff, meaning it can be prescribed subject to local health authority approval.

But a postcode lottery seems to be emerging. Prescribing committees have given it the green light in Wales, Greater Manchester, Cumbria and Brighton. Hampshire and London committees are believed to be deciding in the next few weeks.

However, George’s clinical commissioning group (CCG), Cambridge and Peterborough, is among those that have previously said there isn’t enough evidence the Libre is effective, and George says he hasn’t heard yet if this has changed. …”

One thought on “May’s diabetes glucose monitoring treatment not available to all on NHS

  1. My NHS in Harrogate hasn’t authorised it yet either, however Abbott’s can’t supply the product anyway.Fir the last 3 months I have had to fight for my order, yet people on the NHS have just got it. Unfortunately it shows Abbott’s we’re not ready for the demand and never will be.

    What alternatives are available for our young children?


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