WE are paying for a £27m refurbishment of one entryway to Windsor Castle

Owl says: 150-250 affordable homes could be built for this sum – more if on council land. And remember – Windsor Castle is just ONE of the council houses that the Queen occupies! Not to forget all those “grace and favour” gaffs that her family and friends and senior politicians and retired politicians occupy:


“The scaffolding went up today and it is believed that renovations on the swanky new entryway will take around four to five weeks.”


One thought on “WE are paying for a £27m refurbishment of one entryway to Windsor Castle

  1. It’s not often that I disagree with the Owl, but this is one of them. Preservation of our cultural heritage is IMO important, and maintaining the fabric of our historic buildings is part of that.

    I agree that £27 is a lot of money, but there are FAR FAR more wasteful examples than this that could be cut to fund affordable housing for the thousands of people who need it.

    At the top of my list is the £10BN – £30BN PER YEAR that this government wastes on administration of the NHS Market – when all the evidence shows that a “markets” in healthcare don’t work because: a) demands exceeds supply => inflation and excessive profits for private healthcare companies; and b) failure of privatised health services is not an option, so private healthcare providers can get away with poor service; and c) in “markets”, privatised services are cherry picked, so we will be likely to lose many of the non-profitable services.

    Then we could scrap HS2 – whose benefit analysis is extremely suspect – and spend the £56BN on affordable homes.

    Indeed, if we are going to privatise anything, let’s take the grace and favour properties, which are not tourist sites but simply perks for those in power, and sell them off to hotel chains etc. We would get the capital receipts from the sales, be absolved from future maintenance costs (maintenance will be the responsibilities of the new owners), and at the same time boost our tourist trade by having numerous new 5* hotels to attract rich tourists.

    By comparison, £27m on Windsor Castle is a drop in the ocean.


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