One thought on “Carillion – the Tory story

  1. It seems to me that the Conservatives are taking the entire country to the cleaners through a combination of incompetence, favouritism, greed, nastiness, hypocrisy, un-accountability, pride, stupidity, deafness/blindness to reality, ivory towers, falsehoods, secrecy, and illogical dogma proven not to work, whilst feathering the nests for themselves and their friends (or donors who can easily also be called sponsors / investors).

    And if they and their friends are making loads-o-money, then the rest of us are the ones that money is coming from. How else can they have forced us to endure 8 years of austerity only to have a deficit that is several times larger than when they started.

    Where have all the austerity savings gone – because they haven’t gone to reducing the deficit, and they haven’t been paid out to the poor, destitute or disabled, or to public sector workers? Perhaps the big-ticket outsourcing and tax cuts (which benefit their friends) have swallowed it all up.


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