John Prescott calls grandiose transport plans “fraud”

Owl says: perhaps John Prescott should read our Local Enterprise Partnership’s grandiose plans for our area and see if he thinks this description applies to some or all of them!

BIG plans do not equal big actions when there is no big money coming to anything other than Brexit, vanity projects and now shoring up privatised companies with government contracts.

LEP – Local Excessive Plans!

“A wide-ranging plan to upgrade transport across northern England was branded a “bloody fraud” by Lord Prescott yesterday amid claims that it is not backed by government funding.

The former deputy prime minister stormed out of a launch event in Hull in protest as Transport for the North (TfN), a “sub-national transport body” set up by the Tories in 2015 to co-ordinate transport across northern England, unveiled a £70 billion blueprint to transform road and rail links over the next 30 years. TfN has the power to produce a transport strategy, which the government must consider when making decisions, but it has no budget.

The report proposes cutting journey times between Manchester and Leeds from 49 to 30 minutes by building a new transpennine rail line. It also suggests another line between Liverpool and the HS2 link into Manchester, which is due to be built by 2033, and upgrades to existing tracks connecting Sheffield, York, Hull and Newcastle.

Lord Prescott told the BBC: “It can talk to the Treasury along with the strategic bodies but it can’t make a decision. It doesn’t get any money.”