Swire this week: wants less tax on internal flights and less (or no) VAT for “historic building” repairs!

Is he flying from London City Airport to Exeter these days and does he live in a “historic building” in mid-Devon? Bet a lot of his mates live in historic buildings – aka stately homes or Grade 1 mansions in London!

How about a bit if work on stratospheric local rail fare increases or perhaps a little thought about those of his “just about managing” constituents who are not able to afford basic (full VAT) repairs to their very ordinary homes?

Oral Answers to Questions – Treasury: Air Passenger Duty (16 Jan 2018)

“Hugo Swire: May I congratulate my hon. Friend on his appointment? He has done extremely well. Airlines such as Flybe, which is based at Exeter airport in my constituency, undertake a disproportionate amount of domestic flights. As my hon. Friend will be aware, domestic flights, unlike international ones, are currently hit twice by APD—at both take-off and landing. Treasury officials, of course,…”

Oral Answers to Questions – Treasury: Topical Questions (16 Jan 2018)

“Hugo Swire: The cost of the backlog of repairs to our historic buildings is now estimated to stand at an alarming £1.3 billion, in large part because of the changes to VAT levied on repairs. Will my right hon.
Friend show that, as a Conservative, he genuinely believes in conservation and that something will be left standing for future generations to enjoy?”

One thought on “Swire this week: wants less tax on internal flights and less (or no) VAT for “historic building” repairs!

  1. Listed building already attract VAT refunds for maintenance, and of course charities like English Heritage and the National Trust also can recover VAT – so presumably he is worried about maintenance of privately owned country piles that are not listed like those owned by his rich mates in Parliament or who are donors.

    Hugo is not exactly one-of-us, is he. Every time I think he has reached rock-bottom in his insensitivity and lack of understanding of the issues that us mere mortals are experiencing every day (like keeping a roof over our heads or food on the table or being able to afford to get to work or even for there to be public transport to enable us to get there at all, or getting seen by a doctor with 6 week waiting lists or waiting hours to be seen in hospital A&E), our Hugo manages to show yet again just out of touch he is with the realities of life by worrying about how rich mansion owners are having to pay VAT on their house maintenance (which the rest of us have to pay without any hope of an exemption).


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