East Devon Alliance Councillor says “pay to pee” is “a backward step for civilisation”

Notice the contradiction here: one councillor says the idea is not being looked at, another group of councillors say town and parish councils have been asked to look at “other uses” for toilets!  Left hand and right hand perhaps need an introduction.

And a £100,000 subsidy for Honiton’s Thelma Hulbert Gallery!  Owl will be digging its talons into that one!


2 thoughts on “East Devon Alliance Councillor says “pay to pee” is “a backward step for civilisation”

  1. Might I suggest that there is fake news (or misdirection).

    Instead of concentrating on the big savings – the biggest costs/budgets under management, we are being misdirected to something we actually understand (don’t forget the seaside towns are over endowed with the elderly, whose needs include lavatories) so that we can gain a small ‘win’ by demanding the facilities, so that we forget the elephants in the room. And there are several of them.

    A gallery that only Councillor’s want.
    A move of headquarters that only Councillors want.
    A drastic reduction in healthcare services, that only Councillors want.
    Seafront developments that only Councillors want.

    William of Occam would say I have over-made the point.

    Do you suppose there is a picture developing here?

    I could add the absolutely fantastic budget demand coming from a Police body that has a management cost out of all proportion to its actual size. You could make significant savings by firing the bosses and not lose any quality of service?

    And what about getting rid of the LLP, which, in my view, has achieved precisely nothing since it was created (except increase the salaries of the leaders although they have yet to achieve any results). That would make some tidy savings.

    Maybe we can afford a health service after all!

    Best regards


  2. “Consulting on alternative use of toilets” sounds very like planning for closures to me.

    If, as the CEO says, the consultation “will look at … if we need more toilets” and if, as Cllr Skinner says, “There was no-one saying [they’re] going to close them”, then why is there any need at all to consult about alternative uses.

    This sounds to me like CEO Mark Williams and Cllr Philip Skinner playing with semantics to avoid transparency and accountability – so no change there then.


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