Hunt asked to pause Accountable Care Organisations – but will he?

“Thank you for signing the petition STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS, please share this!

Great news! Sarah Wollaston MP, Chair of the Health Committee has written to Jeremy Hunt asking him to “delay the introduction of the new contract for Accountable Care Organisations until after the Health Committee has taken the opportunity to hear evidence on the issues around the introduction of accountable care models to the NHS”

People are beginning to wake up to the possibility that the NHS is about to be privatised and are not happy about it. Has something worried Sarah Wollaston enough to take this step?

The Judge giving permission for the 999 Call for the NHS into the lawfulness of the Accountable Care Organisation contract to be heard and setting capped costs because of the importance and huge public interest, gave us all a sense of hope. Their case is due to be heard in Leeds in April and they are still crowdfunding for that.

The doctors and academic’s Judicial Review with regard to lack of public consultation and Parliamentary scrutiny which was joined by physicist Stephen Hawking created more publicity.

Now this news published today (Friday). We believe Accountable Care Organisations have huge implications for patients.

Let’s share the petition and make it huge. Together we can win this.”