Owl says: bad news for Devon which has hundreds of miles of local roads that Devon County Council can’t afford to maintain, just one motorway only serving part of Devon and a handful of trunk roads.

“More money needs to be spent on England’s local roads by Government after it was revealed today that motorways and major trunk roads receive 52 times more central funding per mile.

The Local Government Association, which represents 349 English councils and carried out the analysis, has urged Government to reduce the disparity so its members can tackle the £12billion repair bill to bring local roads up to scratch – including fixing more potholes.

It found that the Government plans to spend £1.1m per mile to maintain its strategic road network between 2015 and 2020.

However, the LGA will provide councils with just £21,000 per mile for local roads over the same period.

This is despite an increase in the number of cars travelling on local roads, average speeds falling and local roads making up 98 per cent of England’s road network, according to the LGA. …