A retired East Devon staff nurse writes …

Save Our Hospital Services East Devon Facebook page:

“I worked as a staff nurse in the East Devon community hospitals. From 1986 -2005 gradually the number of beds were eroded and reduced, staff restructuring reapplying for their own jobs, management reorganisation after reorganisation, closure of elderly confused units at Seaton and Sidmouth areas, the gradual care in the community increased, far less respite care for stressed and fatigued careers often elderly themselves. The patients were on the whole admitted for medical surgical social and rehabilitation were thus releasing beds in the acute sector ie RD& E, Bristol and other areas in the Uk.

I doubt that the passage of time has seen a huge increase in Care in the Community just a huge reduction of service to save vital funding and line manager‘s pockets – let’s just think about the impact about the closure of the said beds and the amount of money raised by the League of Friends who paid for buildings, staff equipments and legacies from patients used to advance staff s professional development.

A really talented experienced Ward Sister/Manager tried to implement the setting up of a chemotherapy unit at Seaton hospital – it never happed but would have benefitted extremely ill patients, keeping them close to their communities and lessens the workload at RD&E.

It saddens me greatly that these very vital hospitals providing the core of what nursing stands for are no longer available to those greatest in need.

We have seen what privatisation has done to other Goverment departments – the simple solution is to raise tax by a relevant amount to accommodate the rapid advances in medicine, surgery and social care when those needs will never go away!

The cost of privately funded healthcare is hardly within the reach of the majority, these days it’s often a very last resort, people do prefer to stay in their own homes with the support and assistance they require, a huge expense to themselves.

I came across a lot of poverty amongst the elderly despite the fact of working hard, saving for their futures and being home owners, the Goverment is far too out of touch with the real world of the public sector.”