Parish questions community bed closure figures – too little and far too late

Owl says: how come WE knew all this and FOUGHT it whereas Parish, seeing votes lee h away from him, only sees it when it is FAR too late?

Where was he last Saturday when hundreds of people protested bed cuts and underfunding?


“situation reasonably good”
‘big concerns”
“figures not necessarily correct”
“strong representation”
“being looked at”
“necessary resources”
“not convinced”
“a little bit worried”
“watching very carefully”


“Devon MP has raised fears over the closure of beds in community hospitals across the county.

Speaking to Mid Devon District Council, Tiverton & Honiton MP Neil Parish said that although the situation in Tiverton was reasonably good, he had a “big concern” over the closure of beds in both Honiton and Seaton.

“I’m not happy with it because I don’t necessarily think they’ve got the correct figures,” he said.

“I also think that the acute hospital in Exeter the RD&E is also overstretched. The community hospitals have enough ability to be able to take that strain, and so I have been making very strong representations.”

Mr Parish said that decisions had been made by the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), but that strong representation had been made.

He added: “Of course, the social care services and health are being looked at by the Government at the moment to be combined more than ever to be able to look after people longer in their own homes. I think it’s a really good idea, but you do need the necessary resources to be able to do it, and certainly, that’s what’s been happening in many areas.

“So far from what I’ve heard in Seaton, Axminster and Honiton areas are that it’s worked reasonably well and I think we need to keep a watching brief on that. I think whenever possible people want to stay in their own homes, but of course, there will be those who need hospital treatment and care. That’s where community hospitals come into the equation.”

The MP considered that care packages in his constituency were currently providing services well and he had been assured that there would be an improvement. He asked that incidents of care packages not being put in place satisfactorily in his constituency be reported to him so that he could make specific enquiries. He added that although he considered being cared for at home was the right thing for some patients; he was not convinced it would save money and that enough people were needed to undertake the work. With an ageing population it was essential to ensure that the resource was in place.

“My representations I’ve had in Honiton, Axminster and Seaton where hospital beds have gone so far seem to be getting those care packages in place reasonably quickly. What I’m a little bit worried about is that they’ve put a lot of resource in now to get it right and they don’t take it away later. Therefore I’m watching that very carefully.”

One thought on “Parish questions community bed closure figures – too little and far too late

  1. Standard operating procedure for most Conservative MPs as far as I can see (though to give Neil Pariah his due, he did actually attend most if not all of the CCG “Your Future Care” (so called) consultation events in his patch):

    1. You vote for the Health & Social Care Act 2012 which paves the way for these cuts and dangerous changes towards the so called “hospital at home” (as opposed to “hospital at hospital”???)’;

    2. You show your face at the consultation events, and promised to fight for your constituents with every ounce of your being (even when faced with a blunt challenge from the Chair of the East Devon Alliance);

    3. Then you do very little. (I don’t follow Neil Pariah’s speeches and questions in Parliament because he is not my MP, but I do follow my own MP, Hugo Swine, who has said and done very little).

    4. Then when it is far, far, too late, and your constituents are waking up to the con that has been perpetrated on them (like “The NHS is safe in our hands”), you wring your hands and say how terrible it is and how you did everything you possibly could to stop it (except of course you conveniently forget that you voted for it in the first place and that you said and did nothing subsequently).

    The NEW Devon CCG is planning to implement the Accountable Care Organisations (which = privatisation, and are not at all accountable so don’t be fooled by the government’s misleading title – see also Academy Schools = privatisation of education, Local Enterprise Partnerships = privatisation of local government) IN APRIL. So by mid-2018, the NHS in Devon will be privatised and Thatcher’s legacy will be fully enacted (see minutes of Thatcher’s first Cabinet meeting if you want proof of the Conservative Parties 40-year secret master plan).

    So, a message to anyone reading this who voted for Hugo or Neil in the last three elections, and who is now worried about what is happening to their NHS…

    IT’S YOUR FAULT – you voted for the Conservative Government, and you are going to now pay the price of allowing yourself to be brainwashed by their lies (see also Brexit Leave Campaign) which were pushed using excessive election spending (see Electoral Commission and also Brexit Campaign) funded by rich businessmen who stand to make a lot of money from the privatisation (see news reports about funding, the Masons, the secret dinners with donors, my calculations of return on investment for such donations – the best investment you could make ever bar none!!!!).


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