“Cash crisis forces secondary schools in England to cut 15,000 staff”

“Secondary schools in England have lost 15,000 teachers and teaching assistants in the last two years, resulting in bigger classes and less individual attention for pupils, according to teachers’ leaders.

Unions say the job cuts are the result of £2.8bn of real-terms funding cuts in schools, where budgets are described as being at “breaking point”. Many schools are facing deficits and more than half of the biggest multi-academy chains have issued warnings about funding.

Based on analysis of government figures, the unions say the 15,000 job losses equate to an average reduction of 5.5 members of teaching and support staff in every secondary since 2015.

Almost half of those are classroom teachers, who are being lost at a time when pupil numbers are growing, according to the School Cuts alliance of education unions. It says the situation is likely to deteriorate, estimating that nine in 10 primary and secondary schools (17,942 in total) will be affected by a real-terms cut in funding during 2015-19. …”

[1,160 teachers were lost from the South West]


One thought on ““Cash crisis forces secondary schools in England to cut 15,000 staff”

  1. I am reminded of the film Trading Places where Eddie Murphy sits there watching and waiting and saying “wait … wait … they’re not desperate enough yet … wait … wait … sell!!!!!”on Orange Juice.

    Only in this case I imagine someone in Conservative Central Office saying the same thing to decide when there is sufficient pain that they can get away with privatising education through a nationwide Academy School implementation.

    They tried it once immediately after the 2015 General Election without it having been in their manifesto and without any debate in Parliament, but because of a few rebel MPs they failed to get it passed. So now they are creating pain by cutting funds and when it gets bad enough they will have the excuse to privatise.

    See also NHS.

    See also the hundreds of articles about failing Academy Schools, and failure of other privatisations.


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