Our NHS but not “OUR” NHS

Another post from the Save Our Hospital Services Facebook page, which has nearly 11,000 (yes, ELEVEN THOUSAND) members

“The STPs have driven a huge wedge between hospitals and areas within the “footprints” people have been horrified to find that their services have been down-graded and moved to other hospitals some distance away.

In Devon there were threats made to move maternity and acute services from North Devon to Exeter some 55 miles away and even further away from some of the outlying villages.

The various committees and groups set up to implement the STPs have wasted vast sums of money on wages, premises, expenses and admin staff. There have been endless ridiculous consultations with all sorts of groups where the public’s views were dismissed—the public have watched on while these people have wasted money.

The STPs have been successful in taking huge sums of money from the system and putting it in the hands of people who should actually have been working in hospital. Management consultants and makers of pretty information books have had a great time too.

Meanwhile back in the hospitals beds have been closed to save money and then we find that there are not enough beds. The boards of hospitals ( NDDH – North Devon District Hospital) have been taking pay rises in some cases already earning a quarter of a million pounds per year- this individual has now had a vote of no confidence made against him by the consultants – yet still he cashes in.

The CCGs across the country have been following orders and cutting community hospitals and beds relentlessly rather that protesting and thinking about patient safety in their areas. They have all done great jobs at implementing STPs – well done but you should have been advocating for your patients.!!!!!

The public are furious across the country about this government’s shameful treatment of the NHS and its front line staff. They see the staff run off their feet, suffering stress and leaving. The hospitals which are under threat of closing or losing services have staffs that have no confidence in the system and no job security. How has this come about? The STPs have demoralised everyone, put hospitals against hospitals, made the public feel that because they live in certain areas that their lives are not as important as the lives of people in neighbouring areas.

The STPs are now morphing into ACOs and ACSs and goodness knows how many quangos and private companies (yet again) will be raking in their pounds of flesh before patients are considered. The whole nation is up in arms about the effects of cost cutting.

Deficits in hospitals do not represent overspending- they represent the needs of the people in that area.

No area is the same – we do not all fit into a formula – some populations have more elderly people, some have more babies, some have more people drinking and smoking, some are more polluted, some are deprived, some are wealthy. The STPs do not address these considerations.

ACOs are very suspicious- a move to the American (rubbish for the people) insurance based system. They break up the system even more and are not accountable to anyone. Private companies such as Virgin bully and sue if they do not get their own way over contracts already. What will happen when even more is thrown open to the sharks waiting to take a profit out of people’s ill health?

The demise of Carillion should send a warning shot across the bows of anyone who feels that public services are safe in the hands of profiteers.
People are angry- STPs started this – put a stop to it now and reinstate the NHS.”