Swire’s latest income – £2,500 per hour advice

From the post below, we glean that Swire recently had a new source of income: £25,000 for 10 hours of advice given to a new company (incorporated in November 2017) “Apiro Real Estate Fund 1 L.P”.

Its website states that the fund “is focused exclusively on the real estate of the UK supply chains, a defensive investment sector that will continue to grow, despite the broader economy, as the penetration of delivery based e-commerce increases.”

Is the fund expecting a problem? “Despite the broader economy” they say.

Its Managing Director is:

Shezi Nackvi

Shezi is a highly experienced investment banker who has transacted investments valued at more than USD 1 billion over the last 20 years. He is currently CEO of Peninvest Limited, the Private Office of the Kamel family, one of Saudi Arabia’s most respected business families. As CEO of Dallah Albaraka (Europe) Limited, he also heads up the corporate side of the family’s business. An expert in real estate and private equity transactions, Shezi is an insightful and discreet investor who has worked closely with a wide range of government and business leaders. Previously, he held senior positions with Lehman Brothers, Bank of America International and the Abu Dhabi Investment Company.”

Let’s hope Swire’s £2,500 per hour gave them good advice!

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