Public sector workers’ children in poverty: highest rate is in South West

“Tens of thousands of children of public sector workers will be living in poverty by the end of next month, unions warned.

Parents working for the NHS, schools and councils may not be earning enough to make ends meet due to the government’s cap on public sector pay and in-work benefit cuts.

Research by the TUC found that one in seven children of public sector workers will be pushed below the poverty line by the end of March. Around 550,000 children living with a public sector worker in the family will be classed as being in poverty by the end of the current financial year, said the union organisation.

The South West has seen the biggest increase in child poverty rates among families with a public sector worker, followed by the North West and East Midlands, the study found. TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: ‘The Government’s pay restrictions and in-work benefit cuts are causing needless hardship. …”

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