“Britain’s bus coverage hits 28-year low”

“Britain’s bus network has shrunk to levels last seen in the late 1980s, BBC analysis has revealed.

Rising car use and cuts to public funding are being blamed for a loss of 134 million miles of coverage over the past decade alone.

Some cut-off communities have taken to starting their own services, with Wales and north-west England hardest hit.

The government has encouraged councils and bus companies to work together to halt the decline.

One lobbying group fears the scale of the miles lost are a sign buses are on course to be cut to the same extent railways were in the 1960s.” …


One thought on ““Britain’s bus coverage hits 28-year low”

  1. Interesting.

    Last low point of bus miles was after 8-10 years of Tory rule.

    This low point of bus miles is after 8 years or Tory rule.

    Tories – for the car owner not the people who can’t afford a car.


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