“Persimmon slashes boss’s bonus … to just £75m”

Owl says: well the cut is just chicken-feed to these people – and what bets on Persimmon improving other packages such as expenses, stock options and pension payments in future?

“Persimmon is reducing bonus payouts to three top executives by £51m, including a £25m cut for its chief executive, after the UK’s second largest housebuilder was strongly criticised over its huge payout plans.

The FTSE 100 firm said a bonus of £100m for its chief executive, Jeff Fairburn, would be cut to £75m under the company’s long-term incentive bonus plan.

Finance director Mike Killoran will receive £24m less than the £78m he was originally due, and managing director Dave Jenkinson will see his bonus cut by £2m to £38m. …”


2 thoughts on ““Persimmon slashes boss’s bonus … to just £75m”

  1. How will the poor dear cope? Still, when he retires, Mr Fairburn can look forward to receiving £10 from the government at Christmas!


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