“Public at risk from ‘daily cocktail of pollution’ “

We can all do more – but big institutions can do a lot more. AND our councils can lead … sorry could lead if there was the foresight and will. Has our CCG – always thinking of our health (lol) – considered this? You bet not!

“People are being exposed to a daily cocktail of pollution that may be having a significant impact on their health, England’s chief medical officer says.

Prof Dame Sally Davies said the impact of air, light and noise pollution was well recognised in the environment.
But she said its role in terms of health was yet to be fully understood.

Dame Sally added there was enough evidence to suggest action had to be taken. And, in her annual report, she said the NHS could lead the way in cutting pollution levels. She said one in 20 vehicle journeys was linked to the NHS, either from patients or staff travelling.

Seven charts that explain the plastic pollution problem
And making sure services were brought out of hospitals and closer to people’s homes could help reduce that burden.
Dame Sally also pointed to the attempts being made to phase out ambulances run on diesel, a key source of nitrogen dioxide, which is linked to respiratory disease.

And she said the NHS could cut its use of disposable plastics, landfill and incineration. …”