Swire gets about: questions about Burma and – yes, yet again – the Maldives in Parliament!

He really hasn’t accepted that he doesn’t work at the Foreign Office any more, poor dear, has he!

Bet those people who DO have responsibility for these places now get pretty fed up with his “interest”.

Upcoming Business – Commons: Main Chamber 6 Mar 2018

Political situation in the Maldives – Hugo Swire. Adjournment debate

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International Development Committee: Burma Visas 28 Feb 2018

Having seen what has been going on in Rakhine, albeit a few years ago, I can say it is imperative that we continue to assist the Rohingya people in their hour of need. I urge the Minister formally to summon the Burmese ambassador to the Foreign Office to explain how seriously this House takes the fact that the Committee cannot go there to oversee what is the biggest bilateral aid programme in…”